The Essentials


Noticing is the first step.


Here ‘s where it begins; a new way of understanding your stress and the start of a journey to lasting change.  These are the basic, must-have concepts that everyone needs no matter what kind of stress, anxiety or trauma has been in the picture.  Watch, re-watch and then see how the concepts apply in your day-to-day life.

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Here’s how I define trauma differently:

  • Shock Trauma is a hard event that overwhelmed your nervous system
  • Developmental trauma is ongoing stress during childhood
  • When there was stress or trauma very early, the template in the body was disregulation
  • Regulation can be learned by your system now!


Here’s what most people don’t know (but should) about developmental trauma and the nervous system

  • Chronic stress means the nervous system gets stuck on “on”
  • Regulation means there is easy flow between “on” and “off”


The First step to healing is building your capacity for regulation

  • Learn to recognize regulation in yourself and others
  • Also known as Window of Tolerance

Are you a parent?  To help your child, it helps to start with your system

  • When a parent is calm, children respond to their calm

Learn to identify when you are going outside of your ability to regulate

  • Signs of Window of Tolerance
  • Outside the Window of Tolerance, we go into hyper arousal or hyper arousal
  • Spotting our state is the first step to helping us master our self-regulation, reduce symptoms and improve relationships